Source: NASA/Lunar and Planetary Institute/Paul Schenk
Published: July 9, 2017

This animation showing a flyover of southern part of Thrace Macula on Europa was created using stereo imaging data obtained by NASA's Galileo spacecraft. Thrace Macula is the largest dark spot on Europa and has been recently modified and resurfaced. The nature of the dark material is uncertain but may have a higher concentration of salts or sulfates associated with the water ocean lying perhaps around as few as 6 miles (10 kilometers) beneath the surface. Some of this dark material appears to have ponded in low areas indicating that some liquid might be involved.

Vertical relief (the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points) across Thrace Macula is approximately 1,150 feet (350 meters).

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Additional images and information about Thrace Macula are available from NASA's Planetary Photojournal.

Video provided courtesy of Dr. Paul Schenk.