The image shows Europa Clipper's mission identifier. the symbol representing the mission is composed of a small circle with five "v" shaped arrows pointing towards the circle. On the top right, where one of the "v" shaped arrows would be, a four pointed star is located. Together, these form a hexagon shape. The name "Europa Clipper" is under the shape. The symbol and the text are resting on a white background on the left, which constitutes the front of the sticker. 

On the right is a white area that is the back of the sticker. On the top is a NASA meatball logo. Under that, it says "Europa Clipper Mission", Exploring Jupiter's Icy Moon; "Launch Date", October 2024; "Launch Location", NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida; "Jupiter Orbit Insertion", April 2023; "Mission", Determining whether Europa could harbor conditions suitable for life. It then says "For more information visit:"
Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Published: November 22, 2022

Download a PDF of the Europa Clipper sticker (white - English).

See the blue variation.