Developer Erick Sturm provides an overview of the Jupiter Environment Tool and discusses customizing the STK Interface with JET to visualize Jupiter's magnetic field.

The Jupiter Environment Tool (JET) is a custom user interface plugin for STK developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that provides an interface for using Jupiter environment models for visualization and analysis. Users can visualize the different magnetic field models of Jupiter through various rendering methods. These rendering methods are fully integrated within STK's 3D Window, allowing users to take snapshots and make animations of their scenarios with magnetic field visualizations. Analytical data can be accessed in the form of custom vectors. Given these custom vectors, users can have access to magnetic field data in custom reports, graphs, access constraints, coverage analysis, and anywhere else vectors are used within STK.

To request a copy of the software

Visit and click the "Request Software" button to formally register a request for the JET plugin. Then use the following info for the corresponding fields:

Software Title: Jupiter Environment Tool
NPO: 47998
Access type: Executables
JPL contact: Erick Sturm

Download the overview presentation